About us

Verejné prístavy, a.s. (Public Ports, a joint-stock company) was established on 21 January 2008 on the basis of Act No. 500/2007 Coll. amending Act No. 338/2000 Coll. on Inland Navigation. The company’s founder is the Slovak Republic as represented by the Minister of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic. The company was established to optimise the commercial operation of state assets and to increase the effective and efficient use of transport infrastructure in public ports in the interests of developing domestic and international waterborne transport.

Verejné prístavy, a.s. is charged with the following business activities:

•ensuring the readiness and securing construction work at the public ports in Slovakia while developing long-term and short-term concepts for their development,

•assuring operation, maintenance and repairs as well as all records of facilities, structures and installations inside the public ports,

•leasing land inside the public ports and other related activities immediately associated with the disposal of the assets inside the public ports,

•collecting payments for the use of the public ports,

•establishing the conditions for the development of multi-modal transport, including handing of multi-modal cargo units

Verejné prístavy, a. s. is authorised to collect payments for the use of the public ports pursuant to Section 5 (14) and Section 6 of the Inland Navigation Act. The amount of such payment is defined and collected on the basis of the Schedule of Fees approved by the Ministry.


Port Bratislava

Port Komárno

Port Štúrovo


The history of Bratislava’s port